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    Published: 2013-05-15, by Peter Warrior.

    Drive bad and crash worse

    • Fun, macabre, but fun in the end
    • Graphics are outstanding
    • Occasional forceclosing when loading
    • Not recommended for children or the faint of heart
    • Only runs on Tegra-3 or better

    "It's such a big deal"

    Flatout lies somewhere physics games and driving games. Although it can hardly be considered a real driving game, you must drive, at least far enough as to get enough momentum. In case you didn't know, Flatout is about crashes and, even worse, to inflict the more possible damage to driver. You start with your car and can drive it as if this were a "normal" driving game, tilting the phone to steer and tapping on the accelerator to go faster. However you won't go too far, as tracks are very short and your goal is to find the spot to crash, preferably next to a cliff.

    Once you crash into a fence or whatever and your driver jumps through the windshield, you can select the trajectory angle and to blow your car up. Just later, when your driver floats on the air, you can tilt your phone to try to redirect him or her to wherever more harm is inflicted. Ghoulish? Yes.

    Although we have seen better examples elsewhere, Flatout's ragdoll physics are good, though not real at all, and graphics are far above average. Once you run out of free levels, know that you can unlock more levels, cars and characters through a convenient in-app purchase, though we should recommend to insistently check once and over the game because it's technically too demanding and forceclosing issues have been detected.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 15, 2013


    Flatout Stuntman is a 3D ragdoll simulation game of superior, never seen before quality!

    The Flatout series is the number one crazy racing and crazy stunts game on other platforms, from Xbox360 to Playstation3, from PC to Nintendo Wii. This franchise has sold many millions of copies and now it is available on your tablet and phone with amazing graphics!

    Have a blast with one of the many types and sorts of cars, launch your handpicked crazy character (from playmates to businessman) and aim for the objects that will cause most pain… thus earning you the most points! If you've got the right skills, aim for some additional coins during your journey of pain and earn a place in the worldwide highscore tables! Ragdoll fun for everone! Flatout Stuntman contains a ton of different and fun themes, stunts, plenty of vehicles and numerous characters to have fun with. A must play, with more violent and detailed car crashes and flying people in the air than carmageddon!

    Flatout Stuntman features:
    * 42 Unique and astonishing HD environments, divided in 7 theme-based categories.
    * 20 over the top characters, from sexy playmate to businessman, from lingerie model to grandpa, from alien to handsome!
    * Tons of original, crunchy sounds and funny comments!
    * Full facebook support: challenge your friends, compare highscores, earn achievements!
    * 25 Awesome cars, from sports car to muscle car, from tank to sled!
    * Convincingly accurate 3D physics simulation!
    * Optimized and designed for tablets!

    If you like Stair Dismount, Real Racing 3, Asphalt, DragRacing, Truck Dismount, Stunt Car, Extreme Road Trip, Road Warrior and especially Kick the Boss , this game is certainly something for you!

    Note: The best graphic features are currently designed specifically to be run exclusively on NVIDIA® Tegra 3™-powered devices.

    Stuntman reviews:
    "Flatout Stuntman is a gorgeous looking title with console grade graphics"
    This guy knows exactly where our inspiration came from:
    "Since the classic Stair and Truck Dismount stress reduction games enjoy a constant popularity. Now with Flatout this has made it to Android smartphones. The graphics of "Flatout - Stuntman" are top notch!"

    "Flatout – Stuntman: a new must have arrives on Android!"
    "In fact, this game - it's one big entertainment infused boundless opportunities of "be killed.""
    "Pro: Fun, graphics!
    Con: Nothing!
    Our rating: 4.5 / 5"

    We've worked hard to bring you some of the best graphics available on Android, but if you got any problems with Flatout Stuntman please send us an e-mail, we will do our best to help you.

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