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    Published: 2013-07-18, by Peter Warrior.

    A futuristic adventure game.

    • Enjoyable gameplay
    • Beautiful level design and artwork
    • Free
    • 13 levels might not be enough
    • More characters and game modes would be great.

    "Don't be a pain, be Frankie Pain"

    Like those old sci-fi pulp heroes, Frankie must save the galaxy and banish evil aliens from this plane of existence. He's brave but not very smart, but he has a pulse rifle, a shotgun and a jetpack (plus up to nine more unlockable weapons), and the inestimable help of combat drones and a pretty military scientist. Regarding gameplay, it may remind you of Prince of Persia or any other similar platformer. Stages look like mazes but they aren't, even though there are some dead-ends here and there. It's all about advancing, jump to avoid gaps and duck behind walls to dodge enemy bursts before shoot them down. A story about the meanest villain ever and Frankie's past will slowly unfold.

    What a pity there are only thirteen levels to be enjoyed, because it's a really enjoyable game. Graphics and music aren't outstanding, but do their job. Animations could be better, and camera changes can disorient you sometimes when you suddenly fly offward. Anyway, this game can be played for free from beginning to the very end, and if you're a fan of galactic adventures and are looking for a platformer with a little bit of brains involved (this is not a shoot'em-up, so to speak), it's time for Pain.

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    Jul 18, 2013

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