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    Published: 2011-07-04, by Manu Galvez.

    Froggy Jump is a platform game in which you have to use the tilt controls to make the frog reaching the level top

    • Tilt control
    • Cool graphics
    • Gifts and handicaps
    • Great time-waster
    • We're missing more game modes
    • OpenFeint account is needed

    "Princess, don't kiss the frog, make it jump!"

    The universe is full of unnamed planets that can be named after you. In order to get such achievement, you will have to help the jumpy frog to reach those planets by jumping through platforms. But be careful they're bouncy, moving, disappearing, tricky platforms. What's more, you will find on your way some enemies and handicaps to avoid/destroy. To help you on that purpose, some falling gifts will show up. Catch them to gain space rockets, shields, head-bucket, safety laser and extra-skills (air-ballons and bio gas-fire for longer jumping).

    Once you reach the alien's planet, you will be able to named it and it will be changed in the next update. But take in account that you need to create a OpenFeint account to be eligible to name the planets. What's more, it allows you to share your scores online.

    Daily word game: There's a new Word Game every day. Be online and collect the letters daily to win Gems easily! What's more, there are themes to unlock by getting 50k points. These points increase the playability of the game.

    The game is controlled by the accelerometer, that's it, tilt to move left or right and tap the screen to launch the special items. That's what makes the game so funny.

    Froggy Jump has been developed by Invictus. This is his first game on the Android Market. It has to be said that isn't so original since there already are other similar games on the market. Anyway, this one offers some extra-features that overtakes the ones of this kind we've tried. It's really worth.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jul 04, 2011


    Help Froggy jump up and away into the galaxy by bouncing from one platform to another!

    Use hot-air balloons and rockets to reach higher and bring down enemy creatures with the help of the bucket helmet!

    How to play?

    1. Tilt phone to move left or right
    2. Jump on the platforms above Froggy.
    3. Collect coins and gems! 
    4. Tap the screen to launch space-rocket!
    5. Pick up power-ups they help Froggy getting higher!
    6. Bring down furious creatures with the bucket on Froggy's head!
    7. Exchange your gems for power-ups or costumes for Froggy. 

    - 12 themes, including: Western, Heaven, Birthday, Underwater, Infernal, Jungle and Rockstar to name a few
    - Bouncy, moving, disappearing and spiky platforms and more surprises
    - Space rockets, shields, head-bucket, air-balloons and bio gas-fire to help you fly higher
    - Safety laser, magnets and many more items to use to save your frog from falling
    - Complete achievements and compare your scores with others via Scoreloop
    - Pimp and dress your frog
    - Free coins and gems in addition to in-app purchases
    - Daily Word Game - get online and collect the letters for Gems!
    - Pile gold bars to improve Gem drop rate
    - Win something unique from Mystery boxes!
    - Complete Word Game 7 days in a row to have a chance of winning huge gem packs!
    - Collect safes with the Western Froggy to win items
    - Special collectible items for the Angel Froggy and Birthday Froggy!

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