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    Published: 2014-05-12, by .

    Play retro games on your TV using your Android device as a gamepad

    • Original app concept
    • Six classic titles
    • Neat, polished and smooth
    • Catalog should keep growing
    • Only Pong has multiplayer support

    "Retro-gaming on a cutting-edge device"

    Eli Sherer's GamingCast turns your Chromecast into a videogame console and your Android device into a gamepad to control it. Doesn't it sound awesome?

    Download the app, pair it with your Chromecast dongle (must be connected to the same WiFi network) and be ready to have a blast. A selection of 6 classic games (at the time this review was written) including Snake, Pong, Xonix, Tetrominoes (tetris-like), Flapper (Angry Bird-like) and Breakout. Gamepad controls feel comfortable and responsive. Game's graphics are simple yet neat and polished. Transition from one game to the next is smooth. The experience of playing these classics from the couch is unbeatable.

    Only two catches worth to mention. First, despite the catalog keeps growing, it still falls short of games. Secondly, only one out of the six games has multiplayer support (Pong). That should be extended to the rest of titles.

    Regardless, GamingCast is a groundbreaking app that any Chromecast owner should consider installing on their Android devices.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    May 12, 2014


    The first mobile gaming console using ChromeCast!

    Play retro games on your TV screen with your mobile device as the controller.

    ## This application will work only with Google's Chromecast ##

    Current games:
    * Snake
    * Pong (Multiplayer)
    * Xonix
    * Tetrominoes
    * Flapper
    * Breakout
    - and more games to come...

    Created and Designed by:
    * Eli Sherer
    * Yaron Burger (Regrub -
    All rights reserved to Eli and Yaron 2014

    In the future we will add support for Multiplayer and you could play with you friends!
    Use our Google+ page for comments and requests:


    Please leave a positive review, the application is a work in progress and will improve in the next couple of weeks!
    You can write your recommendations for new games on your review and we will try to fulfill them.
    The TV part of the application will be updated regulary, regardless of the mobile device application version.

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