Gem Crush Deluxe




    - Are you a super fan of bubble or diamond or gems elimination games?
    - Are you tired of the classical diamond or gem swapping games?
    - Try Gem Crush Deluxe, the fun addicting finger tapping Gem elimination game! with brand new style which brings more fun and joy!

    How to play

    - 60 seconds to match three or as many Gems as you can!
    - Tap group of 3 or more same colored Gems to clear them
    - Tap fast to maintain your continuous chain. Which gives you bonus score! Which gives you more star to complete level
    - Unlock power by playing games or purchase gold coins. Select power from power list to play with that power
    - Wait for few minutes to refill life or purchase lives for enjoying game without waiting


    - Gem Crush Deluxe is a puzzle game with exciting animations, sound and pure Glamour!
    - Well designed background and user interface with new concept
    - Many powers available in the shop
    - Wonderful animation which makes you spellbound
    - Sound effects


    1) 9 Slice - It will clears 9 Gems of the board with beautiful animation, which is surround by power
    2) Plus - It will clears entire vertical column and horizontal row of Gems in one tap
    3) Time - It will add 4 seconds in you game. So you have more times to play.
    4) T - It will clears many Gems of the board in T shape
    5) Color Fill - It's change shape & color of many Gems and make them same type of Gem
    6) 25 slice - It will clears 25 Gems of the board with beautiful animation, which is surround by power
    7) Random - It will randomly clears 25 Gems of the board with beautiful animation
    8) Color Bomb - It selects randomly one type of Gem and clears all Gems of the same type
    9) Tmix - It will clears two-row & two-column of the board
    10) Clear All - It will clears all Gems of the board

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