There´s a war in digital world, and your mission is join all fragments of source code that will replenish the order.

    As more you moving on, more of "R-Virus" will come. Special itens will be send to help in your mission.



    - LIGHT TRAIL: like tron light cycles style

    - CLUSTER SHOTS: shot them all enemies around you.

    - SLOW : all virus will slow down for a few seconds.

    - FREEZE: time stops and you can move free for a few seconds.

    - M-PULSE: releases a magnetic shockwave capable to destroy all virus around you.

    - LASER: creates a line of destruction in your sides.

    - INVISIBLE: nothing can touch or see you for a few seconds.

    - BARRIER: 3 layers of energy will protect you and destroy who try to touch you.


    Use the pad or acelerometer to control, tilt your device and calibrate as you want.

    Beat your own records and chalenge your facebook friends.

    Storyline and details:

    The neon and glow Grafics of game remind Tron style, all action happens in a grid inside the computer matrix, the source code was fragmented and the R-Virus spreads in system changing regular clusters to zombie clusters and the mutation of R-virus changes them forever, to agressive and angry clusters.

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