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    Published: 2012-11-23, by Peter Warrior.

    An original and fun defense game

    • Awesome gameplay
    • Original design
    • Overall, no complaints

    "D-Fence! D-Fence!"

    Goal Defense was named Best Mobile Game at VASforum 2012, hosted in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    Although Goal Defense can claim it sticks to all the standards of tower defense games, it's so openly focused on gameplay and design that it deserves to be explained apart. First, because battleground is quite limited instead of those vast spaces with long twisted paths to defend. Strategy must prevail above everything else. Secondly, because learning curve has been carefully looked after. Lastly, sport, comic-like design is pretty original, so newcomers to the genre will enjoy it and hardcore defense gamers will find it a relief from dragons and World War warfare. Indeed, characters are quite original, and change completely if upgraded. Likewise, enemies are funny, too.

    We only missed a tutorial and more artwork and stuff, because it might be not enough. Anyway, no matter how you look at it, this game is a fresh breeze to an exhausted genre, can be enjoyed by anyone and it's suited for all ages. And it's free. Highly recommendable, it's a casual game perfect to be installed and enjoyed in your spare moments.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 23, 2012


    "Players from all manner of sports are represented here, from baseball to boxing, and beyond, and each one (as well as their upgraded versions) displays their own unique personality." -

    "One of the major differences of Goal Defense compared to most other tower defense games is that even though each wave has a predetermined route, the AI will adjust its attack approach based on your defense positions." -

    ".. it would also make an ideal my-first-strategy-game thanks to its quirky atmosphere and plentiful character." -

    "Goal Defense‘s (universal) combination of goofy, charming visuals and rock solid tower defense gameplay make it another quality title in the genre." -

    Train a team of underdog heroes in this hilarious, fun and action-packed game. Logic, tactics and strategy must overcome brawn as you protect the coveted Golden Bowl trophy from an onslaught of muscle-bound jocks!

    A game of action and dynamic excitement!

    * 40 challenging levels of tactics, strategy, skill and speed.
    * A unique sports game with a genre twist
    * Hilarious characters, animated in the spirit of old-school comic books.
    * Two teams of sportsmen from different sports: football, baseball, rugby, box, etc.
    * Earn ‘use and confuse’ bonuses.
    * Heroic superpowers available upon request.
    * Outwit your enemies’ empty skulls.
    * Genuine, real-time audience reactions.
    * Stunningly detailed and artistic scenery.
    * Check for updates -- more features to follow!
    * Tablet support

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