Helium - Liberty Edition




    Enjoy the 4th of July Edition of Helium! Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    In the colorful touch-based game Helium, the player keeps a hot air balloon stocked with helium by popping balloons and stealing theirs! With gusts of wind sending the balloons zig-zagging, and the hot air balloon losing helium every second, it's going to be a challenge to stay in the air.

    During play, the hot air balloon is constantly losing helium. The helium gauge at the top of the screen shows how much is left...hit 0, and it's game over! Luckily, each balloon you pop makes the gauge go up. If you miss too many balloons and the gauge is almost empty, try dropping one of the hot air balloon's sandbag weights for a little boost, but be careful, you only have three sandbags total.

    This addictive, fast-paced balloon pop game is friendly for all ages, and features the following:

    * 25 levels of balloon-popping fun!
    * Gradually increasing difficulty
    * Cute, colorful graphics
    * Catchy theme music
    * 4th of July Colors and Graphics
    * Saves your highscore
    * Fun for kids!

    How long can you stay afloat?

    Helium is free for download with small ads.

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