How Handsome Are you? PRANK




    How to play:

    Fire up this app, and before you run the scan, tap on one of the 4 bulbs to 'rig' the result. This would make your friend frustrated why he's always ugly!

    Press menu button for the tutorial screen.

    Vibrate upon tapping on the bulbs is removed from this app as it would make the 'scanned' friend suspicious!

    High resolution graphics for all your pranking needs!
    *don't pull this prank if your friend is easily offended!

    Q: Why 11MB in size?
    A: This app support from low resolution up to Nexus 10's ultra high resolution! Recommended if you own a Nexus 10.

    Q: What is Adobe AIR?
    A: Adobe AIR is needed to run AIR based app, eg: CNET TV, Kongregate, etc

    Q: How to access tutorial?
    A: Press the menu button

    Q: Why this app need to access internet and phone state's permission?
    A: Internet permission is for detecting crash reports, and Phone state is pause the app when it is running in the background.

    Any bug please report to , i can't reply app comments.

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