Hungry Games 2 : Kitchen Fire

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    The Hungry Games are back in this parody of the Hunger Games Catching Fire , the Hungry Games : Kitchen Fire!!!

    Once again, you are the Head Chef, and you must eliminate all of the kernals (tributes) in the Kitchen (arena)! And tick tock tick tock... this time there is a clock amid the watery battleground!

    At your disposal, are packs of evil dog, the evil kernal krackers, flaming fireballs, and more! And if you can unleash the earthquake ability... you can reveal the original kitchen battleground from underneath the water! Also, drag parachutes into the Kitchen to reveal hidden surprises for the Kernals... But beware! If your parachute opens an escape hole, a kernal may escape the Kitchen, causing you to lose the game!

    Your high score will save automatically, so try to beat your own high score!