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    Published: 2012-05-31, by Ana Gracia.

    Make your camel win the race by aiming correctly!

    • Original gameplay
    • Fun to play
    • Free version has only a few levels

    "The Camel Race"

    In IbilWars, you will witness a war between Camels. In this racing game, you will be able to play with your friends in the same device, up until nine, although you can also play by yourself against the app.

    The gameplay consists on throwing the ball into the right hole so your camel can move fast and win the race. Bonus holes give you extra points and make sure that you avoid the dead holes, which will hinder your performance in the race. If you win, you can access to the next level.

    The problem with IbilWars is that you can only play with your friends by buying the premium application, the free version only includes 20 levels of the single game mode. It also feels that sometimes the ball doesn't get into the hole that you sent it to, making it harder for you to aim correctly.

    Sileria is the developer of IbilWars free and premium version, a racing game where the winner depends on your aiming skills. If you like it enough, try the full app and discover the other extra features.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 31, 2012


    Remember the days of Atari and Commodore, or the Original PlayStation where you had real fun playing with family, children, brothers & sisters, cousins, nephews & nieces or best buddies.

    Want to have fun with friends or have playful family-time?

    Well bring along your camel and compete against your opponents in this (local) multi-player camel racing game that allows up to 9 players. Single player mode is also available for lonely times to play against the bots but multi-player is still the real deal. Just throw the ball on the board into the right hole to make your camel move. Bonus holes give you extra points and avoid the dead holes otherwise your ball will be stuck inside for a few seconds. The winner goes to the next level while the loser stays behind. Enjoy!

    Full Features:

    Single Player mode
    Multiplayer mode via Wifi and/or Bluetooth
    1 to 9 players via Wifi
    0 to 4 players via BT (depending on your phone)
    0 - 3 bots in single player mode
    3 difficulty levels when racing against bots
    Optimized graphics for phones and tablets
    Play between Android phones and Kindle Fire, Nook or other Android tablets
    70+ levels
    8 beautiful scenes

    • Practice to throw the ball properly in target holes for your device. Every device feels different to the touch and has different screen size and resolution.
    • When playing in multiplayer mode always make the faster mobile as the host.

    * This is a local multiplayer game where you can play with friends and family members in your house, in a bus or train or even in a park via Wifi or Bluetooth.

    * This is not an "Online" Multiplayer game which you can play on the net.

    * Bluetooth is not supported on some of the older devices.

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