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    Published: 2011-08-09, by .

    Destroy the buildings by strategically placing the bombs

    • Fun and entertaining
    • Addictive
    • Maybe more levels would be better
    • Paid version

    "Place the bombs and explode!"

    iDemolished Lite is a game in which you need to demolish 62 buildings by placing 6 different kinds of explosives strategically, depending on gravity and how you hold the device. Once you've placed the explosives, you can set a delay in the actual explosion.

    In addition, it's also possible to create your own buildings. You can select the difficulty (Hobbyist, Apprentice, Professional) and the city (Big Town, My Buildings and play Online Buildings). First of all, use the tutorials to learn how to play.

    This game has much potential and it's really entertaining and complete. However, the problem with it is that most of the games are really easy to pass and there should be more of a challenge so as to make it an excellent app. The graphics are simple but appropriate, but the are only a few levels available. iauns is the developer of iDemolished Lite and its paid version. With a few changes, this game could really be a hit.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Aug 09, 2011


    Place explosives and watch buildings crumble! Demolish more than 60 buildings using 6 different explosives and gravity based on how you hold your device. Additionally, play buildings others have created from all around the globe.

    Want to create your own buildings? You can do that too! Use your imagination and the included level editor to master your own disasters.


    * No Ads
    * App2SD support
    * Buildings crumble under the laws of physics
    * Tilt your device to influence the direction of gravity!
    * 62 demolition levels. Demolish everything from prisons to stadiums.
    * Demolish buildings that other users around the world have created!
    * World wide high scores on user created levels
    * 6 different explosives ranging from TNT to the powerful Octanitrocubane.
    * Level editor: Create your own chaos, with a limitless number of levels!
    * Adjust time delays on any explosive you place
    * Put multiple explosives on one beam!
    * 7 different types of beams each with their own unique attributes
    * Zoom-in and zoom-out to accurately place or select your explosives
    * Pan and zoom your view during demolition
    * Earn bronze/silver/gold medals based on demolition bonuses
    * All 62 levels were made with the level editor that comes with the game

    A big thanks to Snoopy3D! His uploaded level helped us clear up some graphics artifacts.

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