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    iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942's review

    Published: 2013-08-02, by Peter Warrior.

    A vertical arcade sidescroller

    • All the good things of the genre
    • Above average graphics, FX and overall stuff
    • It might be boring if you aren't into it.
    • Touch screen controls sometimes play dirty tricks on you

    "Get the japs!"

    Following the line of its predecessor, Ifighter45, and many vertical scroller shmups before, it's all about dodging incoming bullets and enemies and, at the same time, shoot them down with your own, hopefully upgraded, weaponry. You can buy new and more powerful fighters, weapons and power-ups in the store to try to beat this arcade recreation of the Pacific battles in the WW2.

    Although it doesn't bring much -if anything- to the genre and there are only six stages to be played, it's true than graphics are above average and it's one of the best example of this genre nowadays. It won't lure new players to it, but arcade lovers will feel lucky of enjoying this EpicForce game.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 02, 2013


    *** Big News! Prepare for the Next Challenge ***

    An important update of iFighter 2 is released!

    iFighter2 brings you back to the Pacific War in World War II to challenge the Empires of Japan and Germany with their powerful fighter jets and aircraft carriers.

    iFighter2 is a masterpiece remake of the classic arcade experience!


    1. Fighter Base
    - Add new fighter base where you could build a three-fighter team to challenge the new and exciting missions. You could swap and choose any fighter in your fighter team immediately during an in-game combat!

    2. Fighter Upgrade System
    - Different fighter would have its specific bullet types: M/W/T. Using suitable bullet types for specific mission could make your combat easier.
    - AT means attack points, higher AT level indicates stronger bullet power.
    - HP means health points, higher HP level indicates harder to be shot.
    - RP means repair points, higher RP level indicates faster to repair.
    - Fighters with higher Star Rating could be upgraded to more levels.
    - A new shooting mode called “Full Power” for main fighters with 4 stars or lower. If your main fighter got maximum in AP and you use a “Super Bullet” during a game, your main fighter will be turned into a supreme shooting mode called “Full Power”. You can take a look for “Full Power” in Bullet Preview in the Base;

    3. Daily Gift
    - Daily gift will be provided everyday you play the game.

    4. Daily Missions
    - Challenge for more than 12 daily events to win extra bonus.

    5. Achievement
    - Achieve specified goals to win achievement bonus.

    6. New missions
    - 40 normal missions and 27 elite missions!!
    - New enemies, new bosses.
    - Add in-game combos, more fun and excitement.

    7. New Training Course And Intercept Supplies
    - Add 3 different training courses and 1 Intercept Supplies, practicing how to enhance the control for M/W/T-types fighters and to gain upgrade elements and bonus coins.

    8. Weekly Leaderboard
    - Active users' scores will be consolidated to weekly leaderboard, to be the strongest aspirations in the world;

    9. Other Enhancements
    - New upgradable extra guns for 5 dedicated fighters;
    - Collect weapon designs of extra guns in specific elite missions, to be equipped to your favorite fighters;
    - New in-game collectors to show your progress of achieving “labelled enemies” and “gold badges”;
    - New ‘Warehouse” for listing all your inventories;
    - New players rank, the more powerful team, the higher the rank;
    - New defense point (DP), the higher the rank, the higher the DP;
    - New user info, you and other users’ info at a glance;
    - Chinese and English supporting.

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