Independence Day Defense

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    •Unlimited levels
    •Save highest score and highest level
    •Exciting and bone-breaking pace to stay alive.
    •Swipe and aim to launch the powerful laser cannonballs; The faster you swipe, the faster the cannonball travels
    •Stay alive by destroying oncoming spaceships in 30 seconds, and preventing any spaceships from crossing the screen
    •The higher level, the more evasive the enemy spaceships

    The alien invasion force is relentlessly attacking the Capitol building. You are the last hope of this nation and only chance for our civilization to survive.

    Your mission is to protect the Capitol from incoming spaceships. Defend the Capitol, defend our civilization.
    In order to stay alive, you must clear each level in 30 seconds and you have to prevent any evasive invading spaceships from crossing the screen.

    Now, aim and swipe to launch powerful laser cannonballs at the evil spaceships. You are our only hope. Defend the Capitol.