Infinite Dungeon

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    The goal of Infinite dungeon is simple. Work your way from floor to floor searching for the stairway down to the next level while dispatching monsters and improving your equipment.

    Infinite Dungeons levels are procedurally generated and are different every time you play but just to mix things up there are also over 75 pre-designed levels that the game will switch in which contain additional features like keys, doors and switches.

    Infinite Dungeon Includes
    Over 80 different enemies
    Over 75 Designed levels
    Over 120 Unique Items
    38 spells
    3 difficulty settings
    4 Races and 3 Classes
    Multiple Tiered achievements

    Finally the game features end of section bosses on level 10,25,50,75 and 100!

    Infinite Dungeon is a Rogue Like / Roguelike at heart but has been designed so that anyone can enjoy it and with a control scheme that suits touch.

    All that's left is to ask is how far into the Infinite Dungeon can you delve?


    The game has just been under a fairly significant restructuring under the hood to make it work correctly on high resolution devices. This required a lot of modification as the game was never designed with any scaling in the base structure. I have tested on multiple resolutions up to and including 2560x1440 and there should be no major issues. there may however be some small alignment issues at some resolutions and 4k (if anyone has a 4k phone yet!) may still be too small. If you have any non minor alignment issues, things appearing in obviously the wrong place. text overlapping etc (and you arent on a res lower than 800x480 as that the lowest I am officially supporting) please let me know.

    Second Note!
    I have been having some problems with the application icon. I believe I have fixed them all but the dev page is showing the trial icon against the full version. This really is the full version I promise! but if its showing the trial icon when installed please let me know

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    Di S

    by Di S

    Jan 29, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Fun App

    matthew bergeron

    by matthew bergeron

    Aug 14, 2015  |  "Great"

    Great I have it on three devices. Don't like the smaller scale size in new version. Liked the scale in version1.11

    Gunny M

    by Gunny M

    May 23, 2015  |  "Great"

    Though I play on a tablet, the increase of font size is almost too big. I would love to have an option to choose how large you need

    Amanda Klecker

    by Amanda Klecker

    Nov 17, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    It gets a bit buggy on the higher floors. Otherwise I really like this game.

    Darby Bryan-Dye

    by Darby Bryan-Dye

    Nov 12, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    In my opinion, this game is a must have for anyone who likes to play video games while they wait. It can be picked up, played, and put down again at a moment's notice. With fast loading times, turned based tactics and a low power consumption. The next time you anticipate a long wait try playing this game.

    Brennan Welter

    by Brennan Welter

    Sep 08, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Well worth it. One of my favorite Android games!