Jet Attack

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    Jet Attack contains a single player mode and a two player mode.

    Single Player Description:
    Jet Attack is a story based fighter pilot game. Each level is part of your mission to get to Washington D.C. and save the capital from being taken over by a new threatening unknown enemy. This game takes you across the country, from the Pacific Ocean, all the way to Washington D.C.. As you beat levels, you unlock either a new jet or a new perk. Once you have unlocked a jet, you can choose to fly that on any mission via the customization panel. Whenever you unlock a perk, you can also choose to use that helpful perk on any mission via the customization panel. As the player in Jet Attack, you are the best Fighter Pilot around, and you are a truely skilled aviator. In each level leading up to the final epic battle in Washington D.C., you are being assaulted with missiles, and you have to live through every level by making it 60 seconds without dying. Once you have perks unlocked, you can use them in any level to help assist you with your mission. Once you move on to a new level, that level is permanentely unlocked, however you can play any unlocked level of your choosing through the level selection menu in the customization panel. You fly your jet out of the way of missiles by moving your jet from left to right with your finger, and each time you are hit, you lose 1 live. The longer you are alive in each level, the missiles begin to fly faster over time, and the speed of which they increase by depends on which level you are on. This is a fun and addicting game that you won't want to stop playing until you've unlocked everything and saved the United States of America, and then more...

    Two Player Mode:
    Jet Attack also has a two player mode where you and a friend each take your own end of the Android Devices and battle against each other with your selected jet, while using your selected perk to try and gain an edge on your opponent and kill them before they kill you! This game contains tons of replay value and is a really fun game to play for all age levels!

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