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    Published: 2014-02-21, by Ana Gracia.

    An exciting game featuring flying piggies and lots of obstacles

    • Could be fun and thrilling
    • Colorful
    • Controls are chaotic
    • Originality isn't present

    "Piggy Flight"

    Jetpack Piggies is a complete and exciting flying arcade featuring some nice piggies who've learnt how to fly.

    You already know the deal: fly across the scenes and dodge all the obstacles by controlling the pig to your will.

    Press the screen to fly upward and release to make it fall, trying to focus on the leader, who's the one that will suffer all the harm. Remember to collect coins for purchases, stars for special powers and switch when you want your leader to rest. Progress through the different difficulty levels: beginner, advanced, expert and master.

    While the idea seem kind of fun and promising, controls aren't exactly this game's stength. Everything is a bit chaotic and we would definitely make some changes so this could easily be fixed.

    CatfishBlues Games is the developer of Jetpack Piggies, a game which still has a long way ahead.

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    Anna Appszoom logo

    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 21, 2014


    Fly with the craziest characters ever seen in a video game, fly with the jetpack piggies! Thanks to their crazy jetpacks they do not need any flappy wings!

    In the role of Dante, Oscar, William and Edgar, the four jetpack piggy brothers, you have to pass through levels filled with dangerous obstacles and go where no one has gone before to be able to excel in the world rankings of the most skilled players.

    Jetpack Piggies is a game of pure skill, it is so simple that it can be played with only one finger, but at the same time it is complex enough to require many hours of practice to achieve mastery of the art of flying with a jetpack.

    But our heroes can do much more other than fly! Each of the four pigs has an unique super-power that will help him to overcome the obstacles and also deal with the evil gray aliens who will attempt to prematurely end their adventure.

    * Universal App: runs in HD on High-Res Android devices.
    * Basic controls, you can play with just one finger!
    * Procedurally generated levels provide an always different gaming experience.
    * 4 unlockable difficulty levels, for an endless fun.
    * 4 funny super-powers to get out of dangerous situations.
    * High quality graphics and sounds, with cartoon-style characters and backgrounds!
    * Compete with players all around the world thanks to Google Play Games leaderboards!

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