Just Squish'n

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    Almost as random and surreal as Jeffery Dallas, Kaio brings you Just Squish'n the fun way to exact revenge on those pesky jellyfish.

    Our swimmer, lets call him Jeffery for now, is being plagued by a swarm of jellies determined to ruin his sunday afternoon swim.

    Save him from being stung by squish'n as many jellies as you can before they reach the surface. With over 40 levels of action across 3 beautifully set locales those jellies are obsessed with stinging the poor guy. It's your job to help him by Squish'n them before they get him, scoring even more by Squish'n as many as you can of the same color.

    Just like the ever changing currents beneath the waves, no two plays will ever be the same. The seemingly random life of the jellies will make sure each play will have its own challenges.

    As you progress throughout the game you'll even meet other sea creatures in the form of Urchy the explosive sea urchin, who although not big,green and rage filled like the Hulk, does tend to loose his temper and so upsets the whole ecosystem. And then there's Munchy who just likes to help in his own way by eating the jellies. Its up to you how these guys and the others you'll meet can help or hinder your goal in making our swimmers life easier.

    And then there's Survivor mode where you have the chance to score really big points, as the jellies just keep on coming.

    Please note this game has been tested and should fit & work on most screen resolutions on the more recent android devices.

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