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    Published: 2012-09-25, by Peter Warrior.

    A management and strategy game

    • Overall, pretty good game
    • Mixed gameplay
    • Needs more spectacularity

    "Thy sword shall bring light upon ye"

    Kingdom Royale is half a management game and half a strategy game.First, because you have to raise and manage your little kingdom to gather resources and train troops. This is done by a time and currency system, in which buildings take not only wood and resources to be built, but also a certain amount of time. Likewise, every resource providing building must be collected every some time, because they stop producing when there's no more room to storage anything in them. Resources can be either common (food, wood, gold) or premium (golden crowns). In addition, you have to take into account how many energy points you have left and have a look now and then to your experience points, as some buildings can only be chosen once you achieve a certain level.

    Once you enter in battle, game changes to a turn based strategy game, much based in scissor-paper-rock. There are three races, namely Human, Elf and Orc, and three categories: melee, spell caster and ranged attack. Every kind and every category slays easily its counterpart but it's easily defeated by its nemesis. Every team takes turns successively and in every turn any one of your units can attack any rival one. Although battles are quite obvious, are quite thrilling.

    Graphics may seem a little bit childish even when there's some cleavage as any self-respecting RPG has. We'd like there were more artwork and a more varied array of units (nine, every one upgradeable up to five times). Battles could be more spectacular, too: animations need some improvement. Sound is more than adequate -quite lovely, indeed- and it's overall a nice game, smartly designed to play a while every day instead of burning it down the first day and then get bored of it.

    Lastly, there's a chance to invite 'allied' friends to get more chances in battle, though it isn't strictly needed.

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