Kitty Pad




    Does your kitten like to chase a laser pointer? Do you get bored before your kitten does? Here's your answer: an automatic laser pointer that can go on forever!

    Just place it on the floor, dim the lights, and watch the fun.

    This special algorithm simulates human actions, with zippy back and forth motions, some slow creepy moves, and off/on jumps.

    It works on any Android phone or tablet running Android version 1.6 or higher.

    The fun doesn't stop there. Glow ball and Jingle ball objects are also in this app.

    There's fun for all types of felines, young and old. And you might be surprised at the other animals that get interested with this.

    You can also toggle sound effects. When your pet is lucky enough to touch the object on the screen the laser goes "pew", the Glow ball purrs, and the Jingle ball jingles.

    Please post a comment of how we can improve this mobile app, and we will!

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