Kokok II Defense




    Title: kokok II Defense
    Genre: Action Adventure Step brother resourcefulness defense game

    - Jangdal rescue group al-

    Chicken male and female children is easy for anyone to enjoy the character that resourcefulness is an action game.

    Step-by-step consists of a total of 30 stages and 5 Theme consists mushroom neighborhood of six flower beds, grass, gravel, bamboo, bone, thorny, Cormier of the princess of monsters to steal four warriors Chicky, Chica, Chikusa, Chico know rescue that is ..

    Is a way to shut out the worn equipment items and the steps to grow up, I simply breaking steps in the way kokok kokok If you've felt the excitement of the resourcefulness and II level.

    Also broadens even more fun by inserting a user mode and real-time World War.

    ^ ^ If you earn more score, ranking the features that you can boast to your friends, it is.

    Once out on the excitement of the game's story and let's

    ps .. This game includes advertising and partial pay will tell.

    [Game talk]
    Here and there country kokok of chickens that live together in peace!

    Many monsters can know the future kokok of them, but you stopped kidnapped was going.
    Called Sarah 4 kokok country Chicky, Chica, Chico, Import command, and save the eggs of the queen to Chiku to get yours know most of the lovely princess Komi kokok to it than did the king finally wedded wife makes was to make an appointment.

    Thus, the four countries kokok jeonsaeun Al save the trek begins. However ....
    4 Warrior's adventures were not so smooth.

    Too long and distant journey, do not know where you come from pop monsters ...
    Welcome to Komi lovely finish this journey safely princess as his wife??

    Various monsters first entered the steppes, they looked embarrassed, but ....
    Chicky's powerful punch, a pair of Chico Chica Heart attack, arrows, Chikusa mortar attack
    Al Cormier's struggling eventually be regained.
    But ...
    Its War 4 eggs all know and grasslands meet the desert and sterile environment outside.

    Desert area was not confident , As well as the Sphinx, the boss was heavily state-of-the-art racing Caro.
    Is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, racing cars developed at the end of the 4 jeonsaeun worry.
    Through the hard sand, wind, chase the fleeing monsters to rescue the eggs, but it was not easy catching monster yorijori dashing.
    4 War gratitude without giving up all the eggs one by one, Cormier of the princess rescued by state-of-the-art weapons, and even the last boss Sphinx grab victory.

    Really all lovely Cormier and conquered the princess's palace country, ice fields, volcanoes, the Devil even rescue to greet with his wife???

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    Omair Macabada

    by Omair Macabada

    Dec 11, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Mga bobo nyo

    Jaylen Gates

    by Jaylen Gates

    May 23, 2014  |  "Poor"

    This game dum

    Kevin Poole

    by Kevin Poole

    Jan 31, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    How do u unlock the other characters

    Joseph Oreilly

    by Joseph Oreilly

    Apr 30, 2013  |  "Good"

    I like the game but could not read what it said in different language to unlock other characters

    Rahul Kumar

    by Rahul Kumar

    Mar 16, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Tahul good