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    Published: 2012-06-26, by Peter Warrior.

    A run, run, run and jump, jump and swing your sword game.

    • Entertaining gameplay
    • More than adequate graphics and sound
    • We'd like there were more levels

    "Sorry, the princess is in another castle"

    Even though it seems that auto-runner games start to be a craze, games of this kind well deserve our attention as long as they are well-done.

    In Lame Castle, we control a quixotic knight riding a wooden horse and impaling stuff with his joust lance. He accelerates automatically -even leaves a fire path behind when you achieve certain speed- so you are only allowed to jump, double jump and boost/strike. In every stage there's a certain goal -besides surviving, of course- that unlocks a bonus stage.

    Graphics are childish, as taken from a fairy tale, as perfectly fit their purpose. Sound could be improved with some more soundtracks music or so, but sound effects are pretty nice anyway. We'd like there were more levels, though, 24 aren't enough once you catch the grasp of the game. You can try to achieve perfection by unlocking all the bonus stages and play indefinitely in the challenge modes, but it would be nice to know there were more stages coming soon.

    Anyway, it's free. Ads can be a little bit annoying, as they are placed between stages, though it would be worse if they interrupted the game or prevent us from enjoying the cardboard landscapes.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 26, 2012


    "While the castle is lame.. this game is anything but lame! a must buy"

    "Any fan of running and dashing should just buy this now...Pure genius"

    "This game is definitely one of the most well polished endless runners I've played. I love punting chickens!!"


    Dash your way to save the kingdom and win over the princess by destroying Wizzy the evil wizard's Lame Castle.

    Lame Castle HD Free is a "dash" or "runner" game. There are 24 levels to blaze through (each with their own bonus objective) and 4 truly unique endless modes. The free version is ad-supported, but there is also an ad-free version in the market. There is an optional in-app purchase which will remove the ads.

    -Press the left side of the screen to JUMP and DOUBLE JUMP
    -Hold to jump further
    -Press the right side of the screen to ATTACK
    -If you've picked up a power attack you will dash through the air when attacking

    ** It's free, sucka! **

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