LAST WAR's review

    Published: 2013-05-03, by Peter Warrior.

    A strategy game themed on WWII

    • Complex and deep gameplay
    • Interesting online diplomacy options
    • UI can be a nightmare

    "War's a daughter that seldom behaves"

    Last War proposes a twist in the warlike genre, or at least that seems the idea behind the big-bosomed soldiers girls shown at the screenshots. It's a simulation game, but puts more emphasis on unit management rather than plain wargaming. You have to deploy both attack and defense squads, and equip every soldier you have rescued or recruited. in addition, it's all about resources, not only keeping a safe amount to spare, but also getting the best possible income to keep war going on. Income is measured in time, so here's the key to understand your success in the long-term and why this game can entertain you for weeks just playing a short while every day. Some buildings increase your income, and other allow you to purchase upgrades.

    Flat truth, it's a complex game. It's hard to foresee the consequences of your choices, and the user interface, which can be somehow a maze, doesn't help at all. However, if you get the hang of it there are multiple strategies and options to explore, primarily when you muster courage and jump to online gaming.

    You can choose among the US, the UK and the USSR, or its counterparts: Germany, Japan or Italy. Artwork is enjoyable, though has less historical rigor than a Chuck Norris film. Therefore, if you are deep into strategy, give it a go. Otherwise, you should look for something more "casual".

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