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    Published: 2012-10-05, by Manu Galvez.

    League of Evil is a highly addictive 8-bit action platformer

    • Retro graphics and soundtrack
    • Controls
    • Storyline
    • Over 160 levels
    • Nothing special

    "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

    The world is in danger. A group of evil scientist worldwide have joined forces to develop Weapons of Mass Destruction. They've been called League of Evil. You're more than a single soldier: you're a skillfully war hero which has been called to undermine League of Evil by fulfilling short missions.

    There are up to 5 chapters (last one is paid) and over 160 levels, including some mini-missions. Although missions can be completed quite fast (despite of complexity increases gradually), such amount of levels ensures lots of fun.

    League of Evil is set in cute 8-bit pixelated graphics that nostalgic of classic platformers will love. Likewise, controls remind classic gamepads (actually NES-pad): two directions buttons (left/right), one button to attack and one to jump. Use double jump and flipping to overtake all obstacles. Retro-music also helps to bring you to 80's.

    In a nutshell, an addictive old-style platformer set in cute 8-bit graphics and boosted with retro-soundtrack. Worth your time and money.

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    Oct 05, 2012


    The world needs your help! Evil scientists worldwide have joined forces forming a "League of Evil"; the only super agent who can stop them is YOU!

    As a specially trained agent you can double jump, flipping your way over obstacles. You are also trained in wall jumping gaps to reach new heights. So get ready to show your sick acrobatic moves across 160 challenging levels! Fight your way through your mission and find the mad scientist to deliver a well earned pixel punch in the face! The world is counting on you. Now go save everyone!

    --- FEATURES
    - Over 160 levels of super agent action!
    - Sick acrobatics: Jump, flip, wall jump, wall hug, double jump
    - Multiple world locations
    - Decapitations
    - Pixel art and chiptune retro style game!

    "League of Evil is totally worth your dollar." -
    "League of Evil offers some of the tightest controls I've seen in a mobile game!" -
    "I simply cannot put the game down!" -
    "League of Evil is how you do a platformer on the iPhone!" -
    "Super fun game, easy to get sucked into and looks gorgeous as a pixel platformer!" -
    "League of Evil's controls are flawless." -
    "An 8-bit throwback through-and-through!" -
    "League of Evil is perfect for fans of retro-inspired games!" -
    "Best implementation of on-screen controls in a 2D side-scroller that I've yet seen!" -
    "This is a quality game that opts to take what other platformers have done and do it better." -
    "Whether you're a casual gamer after a challenge; a platformer fan after a fix; or a hard core gamer ready to test your skills, League of Evil will provide you with what you need." -
    "Highly recommend this game." - "Definitely consider dropping the $0.99 for League of Evil!" -
    "The. Best. iOS Platformer. Ever. Need I say more?" -

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