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    Published: 2013-01-18, by .

    Cartoon Wars is an original tower defense set in cute graphicsplay

    • Great timewaster
    • Online leaderboards
    • Upgrading system
    • All levels are almost the same

    "Doodle defense"

    Cartoon Wars merges Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy gameplay. It's set in a doodle world where there are two conflicting tribes. You lead one of them: a breed of doodle men that has been forced into slavery by the monsters tribe. Like other tower defense, the goal is to protect your headquarters. In addition, you have to reach the monsters' headquarters and break it down.

    As you progress through the game, you will earn gold and gems that are required to upgrade your troops: ninja, gunner, cannon, black wizard... There are over 20 types of units, 16 upgrades for troops, tower, weapons and productivity items. Actually, you'll have to upgrade if you want to beat the increasing amount of hordes that the enemy will send to you in new each level.

    The artwork is simple cool, specially regarding doodle moves. There's a dashboard to control your units by tapping the production of troops and the tower shooting. Use tilt controls to swipe the scroll the screen view.

    The game is simple and really addictive: a perfect timewaster. We're just missing more types of levels. It's true, there are unlimited stages, but they're basically the same background with more hordes of enemies. Anyway, worthy.

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    Jan 18, 2013


    ★10 million total downloads worldwide!★

    The new official game from “LINE”– the free messenger app.
    Free to download! It’s an exciting defense game!

    ■Play with your LINE friends!
    A defense game everybody loves! Introduce your LINE friends to “LINE Cartoon Wars” and play together! Take on an endless series of stages while enhancing your unit (soldiers)!
    See who can get the most victories!

    ■How to Play
    1. Comical characters! Exciting action!
    Your comrades are stick figures?!
    Lead your comical but widely skilled unit (soldiers) and capture your opponent’s castle!

    2. Upgrade to the ultimate military unit!
    Over 20 types of characters to join your group!
    Apart from characters, you can also enjoy 16 types of upgradable items, from castle-protecting bows to enhancing skills for Mana needed to summon units.

    3. Clear the stage with perfect strategic battle techniques!
    The order and timing with which you summon units is an important strategic point. Lead your army of friendly units to fight off the constant stream of enemies and move through the endless series of stages!

    There were two tribes in Cartoon World: the Color tribe, and their slaves – the Black & White Cartoon Tribe.
    The Black & White Cartoon Tribe has been oppressed and enslaved for generations.

    But now, they’re taking their stand.
    Seeking freedom, brave warriors have banded together to take on the Color Tribe.

    An unstoppable war has begun… Become the hero of the Black & White Cartoon Tribe and free your imprisoned comrades!

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