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    This is the FREE version of Lone Tank, you can support me by purchasing the full version! Thank you!

    You are the LAST. TANK. STANDING.
    Survive the waves of enemy tanks as they they try to destroy you. Protect yourself, your base, your homeland, and your family!!! Destroy enemy tanks before they reach and destroy your base! Dodge and destroy oncoming boulders! Blow up enemy helicopters! Survive against dangerous bosses...

    "The game provides just enough to positively challenge you, while always pulling you back in for more...If pick-up-and-play gaming appeals to you, and you are a gamer who likes a challenge, consider grabbing this gem."

    "The game has a retro-arcade style with intentional pixelated graphics...
    Lone Tank is a game for those that like retro Arcade survival games."

    - 20 waves! (100 in the full)
    --- 20 Beginner, 20 Normal, 20 Challenging, 20 Hard, 20 Good Luck
    - 5 unique boss battles!
    - Challenging enemies that have different abilities!
    - A in-game shop where you can get different types of power ups for your tank!
    -- No real money is involved in the in-game shop, just coins you get in the game.
    - Create as many profiles as you want!
    - Awesome profiles that show you what power ups you have currently applied!
    - Beat the game and itll save your last status of power ups so you can always remember how you beat it!
    - Delete any unwanted profiles through the options menu or touching and holding a profile box in the Play Menu
    - Rename profiles through the options menu or by tapping the profile name in the Play Menu
    - Survive as long as you can to get the highest Streak Score you can!

    Create many profiles and beat the game with different power ups applied to save your victories in history forever and become the true Lone Tank!

    - Your streak score is only reset when you die, so no worries if you need to leave the game mid-wave :)
    - You can go off either side of the screen to reappear at the other side!!! shhh...dont let the enemy know.

    Please RATE, REVIEW, and SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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