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    Published: 2012-09-24, by .

    MEGATROID is an action platformer that reminds classic Megaman

    • Intuitive controls
    • Graphics
    • Levels generator (stages are always different)
    • Store for weaponry and equipment
    • Runs laggy on low/medium end devices

    "Galactic Rebels vs The Imperium"

    If you were missing classic science fiction adventures, here you are an addictive one. Megatroid takes the best of Megaman and Metroid and dress it with well-crafted environments and graphics, as well as intuitive screenpad controls.

    Main character is a courageous girl (like Samus, Metroid) named Hali. She's a member of GRiN, the Galactic Rebel Information Network, which purpose is to free the galaxy from the grasp of the almighty machine empire, "The Imperium". Does it sound familiar? Storyline is really important in this adventure.

    Besides that, this is a platformer, as simple as addictive: advance, jump and shoot. Collect items to boost your skills or fix your unit. Face final bosses at the end of each level. Levels which are different every time you play: there's a generator that ensures that no two levels are ever the same.

    Like other adventure games, there's leveling up system as well as built-in market for trading weaponry and equipment. Yes, MEGATROID is as good as it sounds. The only catch is that there's some lag on low/medium devices. So you better have a powerful device.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Sep 24, 2012


    It’s Sci-fi robot platform blasting fun!

    Run; jump and examine the robot base while you combat the machine empire’s robots.

    Download MEGATROID now to experience why more than half a million gamers have downloaded it and why Google play featured it as the number one platform game in the US, Canada and India. It’s the addictive platformer where you can generate your own levels!

    Automatically generate your own level by typing anything in the level generator.
    Hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from in the Black Market!
    Super-badass weapons, armor and upgrades in the Premium Market!
    Classic 8-bit inspired soundtrack!

    "Combining simple mechanics, amazing visuals and long-term playability, Megatroid is one game that could become the next big thing."

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    The soundtrack is available for FREE on SoundCloud!

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