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    Published: 2012-11-22, by Peter Warrior.

    An indie 3D RPG

    • Brave indie project
    • Must be improved in several areas

    "C'mon, Melina!"

    Melina, perhaps named after the Mexican pro-wrestler, is a female human polygonal fighter that seems brought by a DeLorean from the times of Tomb Raider 1, in this indie 3D RPG full of polygonal monsters, polygonal traps and, unfortunately, polygonal storyline, so to speak. Music isn't polygonal -how that can be?- but has that SNES scent you may like or be so fed up with. In her magical world, Melina will have to tap and slash her way to discover what has happened to her former mentor. In her way you will have to face monsters, some larger than others.

    It's a pity that how much effort ended in something somehow unfinished. While playing, you will have to turn a blind eye to not see glitches here and there, and tame the controls to try to know where are you attacking at. In the meantime, there are some NPCs with allegedly fun dialogues.

    Anyway, Melina comes with hours of action, so perhaps you would like to give her a go, errr, you would like to give Melina's Conquest a go and have an opinion for yourself.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 22, 2012


    The HOTTEST Full Scale 3D Action Adventure RPG for Android!

    -You must have at least 1 Ghz Processer with a good amount of RAM because this game incorporates 3D Graphics that may not be playable on slower devices!!

    "All in all, Melina's Conquest is a great game that will instantly hook you, there's no question about it. " Bogdan Lazar,

    "It’s been a while since we’ve seen a quality RPG like Melina’s Conquest." Review

    "There’s a lot of gameplay to be had for a relatively low price, not to mention a fully three-dimensional gaming world. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a cheap entry that might just tickle your pickle." Luke Patrick,

    "This indie 3D RPG game features panoramic graphical views of a mystical world — the graphics are impressive."


    Play as the warrior Melina who has to save her mentor Telhar
    from the evil Giglioblath! The new LITE version provides a tutorial and 2 (two) action packed portals including
    challenges ranging from moving spikes to lava pits for fun and challenge that gets more addicting as you play it!

    Do you have what it takes?

    -2 (two) action packed portals and a tutorial level IN LITE VERSION (20 in full version)
    -Original graphics and varied gameplay
    -Many challenges to face off to including larger than life Bosses and enemies! (Only a few in the LITE version, get the full version if you want the "real deal" traps and bosses)
    -An epic storyline that is sure to have you salivating for more
    -Cutting edge state-of-the-art 3D Graphics for Mobile Devices!
    -Original World Class Musical Soundtrack!
    -Hack-and-Slash style battle system!
    -Fun and addictive 3rd person action!
    -Generated levels -> No two players will play the game the same way!
    -Easy to manipulate camera, simply touch the screen and the camera moves!
    -Simple controls make this game fun and easy to play whether you're 13 or 40!
    -Amazingly built and ready for the latest tablet devices!

    -You must have at least 1 Ghz Processer with a good amount of RAM because this game incorporates 3D Graphics that may not be playable on slower devices!!

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