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    Metal Panic is in a genre to itself:- The Bubble-Hell Shooter.

    Metal Pangic is copyright TCKSOFT 2013 (original version created on the PC and is copyright TCKSOFT 2002).

    Controls: touch the bottom-left of the screen to move your ship. There are two fire buttons on the right hand side of the screen. Tap the lower button to fire your weapon and destroy the bubbles - the upper button toggles 'bullet-time', which slows down all the bubbles on the screen.

    How to play: Shoot the metallic bubbles, and don't let them hit the cockpit of your ship. There are three types of bubble: Copper is a normal bubble that bounces left and right, and is effected by gravity. Silver doesn't let gravity get him down and he bounces off all four sides of the screen, in straight lines. Goldie finds you attractive and will bounce towards your ship so be very careful of this bubble stalking you.

    Power-ups can increase your bullet supply so that you can fire up to 5 shots at once, but if you hit a B- ball you will lose a bullet. Also there are power ups that freeze the bubbles, evaporate the bubbles removing the smallest ones, replenish your bullet-time, and activate your sheild.

    Be careful of the EX ball which will increase the size of all bubbles on the screen - it will also remove the largest, but this is still a dangerous object. The last power ball is the IB which makes all bubbles invunerable for a short time, and is another one to avoid.

    Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy the game...

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