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    Published: 2011-05-12, by .

    Micronytes is a platform game set into the body of patient with a strange disease. You will have to lead a leukocyte through platforms to finally cure him.

    • HD graphics and cool soundtrack
    • Original control (jump by shaking the device)
    • Achievements system
    • Cannot move the game to SDcard
    • Bit simple: need to collect more stuff or extra features
    • Requires multitouch screen (Android 2.x)

    "Healing has never been that funny"

    A patient with a strange disease needs your help. You control the microscopic Micronytes on their hunt for the evil greens through 80 levels and 4 different worlds. There's a achievements system thanks to which you can get some trophies that will modify the end of the story. We found it a bit simple, there could be more stuff to collect or extra features just not to have the feeling that we're just running and jumping.

    There are three possible actions that the Micronytes can do: going right (tap right), going left (tap left) and jumping (shake the device). This control system makes the difference. It's a bit weird at first though, until you get the hang of it. Anyway if you don't like this control system, you can have classic joypad on the touchscreen. It requires multitouch screen (Android 2.x).

    The HD comic-based graphics and the relaxing music increase the global quality of the game. The sound track is a travel through different styles like jazz, orchestral and emotional filled grand piano songs.

    Probably its main flaw is that it cannot be moved to the SD card. Not so good for a game 30 mb size.

    This is a full paid version that you can get for just 2€. There's a demo that you can try first.

    Micronytes has been developed by Gibs & Gore. It's the only game that this emerging developer has launched to the market so far, but with remarkable succcess.

    If you like platform games you will like this game. It respects the essence of platform-games but introduces an original gameplot and a new concept of controls that takes advantage of our devices. Give it a try, you won't regret.

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