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    Mineforge's review

    Published: 2012-11-05, by .

    Mineforge is a block-based world building, crafting, survival and exploration game

    • Entertaining
    • Free will gameplay
    • Different game modes
    • Graphics and controls should be enhanced

    "Mining all day long"

    In other words, Mineforge is a minecraft-like game where players can set a whole world at their whim. A goal? Well, there isn’t a concrete goal: just amuse you and challenge your imagination.

    Mineforge comes with an advanced terrain generation that makes building and crafting way more challenging. Actually you can mine deep into the terrain in other to explore the underground. You can craft your own tools and weapons to keep reaching places that otherwise you wouldn’t be able.

    However, in Survival Mode you won’t allowed to build at your pace: a host of mobs will threat your and you’ll have to make the most to keep them away.

    Explore, build, craft and seed. Become the ruler of your own world.

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    Nov 05, 2012


    Mineforge is a block based world-building, crafting, survival and exploration game. With an in-depth crafting system and advanced terrain generation you are free to explore, Mineforge places you in one of the most versatile, detailed and exciting sandboxes available on any mobile platform.

    Some of Mineforge's features:

    • Digging - Mine deep into the terrain and explore deep caverns
    • Building - Craft your own tools and weapons
    • Several biomes - Including mushroom
    • Survival mode gameplay
    • Infinite seeded terrain generation
    • A host of mobs - Both hostile and non-hostile

    This is the pocket edition of Mineforge for Android devices

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