Missile Invader RETRO HANDHELD

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    Missile Invader
    From the makers of Astro Wars, Galaxy Invader and other retro handheld/tabletop emulations comes this classic handheld space-invader style game created by Bandai and Sears: Missile Invader (or Missile Vader). Screenshots show actual app in action. See how close to the real thing it is!
    This is classic retro brought back from the 80's. This was one of the first handheld games with very simple game-play. Just dodge and fire. Be quick though as they fight back with vengeance! This is a 99% accurate recreation. Every detail has been recreated. All the sounds and graphics have been faithfully reproduced apart from one minor alteration and that was the addition of an extra duplicate fire button. We kept the original position for the purists but the extra one make it easier to fire on a tablet

    • Accurate simulation of the classic handheld /desktop machine
    • Full retro sounds
    • Simple and addictive
    • Totally nostalgic

    To Play:

    1: Turn Power to "on"
    2: Aim using left and right buttons
    3: Fire at alien (1 point) and UFO (5 points). You only have 50 missiles.
    4: Dodge alien fire or you lose. If you are hit you lose 5 missiles and one life.
    5: Aim is to get the highest points (maximum 250)
    6: To restart, turn off and on Power.

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