Mixart Finger Colour




    Unveil the colored images and defend them against spots!

    Your child has a very sensitive task to perform: there are so many colored pictures to be rescued and brought to light. Small tricky spots, enemies of colors, will try by all means to stop him. Fortunately, there is a trick that turns them into harmless spots and makes them vanish away.
    In order to reach his objective, the young player is given a crayon he can move on a sheet of paper that has a hidden picture underneath waiting to be revealed. The crayon may be moved both horizontally and vertically and trace a colored line: every time the line describes a closed area, screen edges included, it colors itself and reveals the underlying image.
    But spots don’t just stand there to watch: by moving themselves on the sheet they try to break the crayon line and steal one of its 3 lives. In order to neutralize the difficult spots, your kid may move the crayon and thus close them inside an area, getting this way a double result: rescuing the color and removing the spot.
    START, IT’S PLAYTIME! There are so many pictures to be saved and time “fades away”!

    • An easy and engaging game suitable for kids ranging from 3 to 8 years old.
    • On-the-spot control system – you only need one finger to play!
    • 16 images to be rescued throughout 16 game levels.

    Game Contents:
    • Crayon: the crayon moves along the edge automatically. All it takes is a slight drag to set a new direction. The crayon cannot trace back on a previously drawn line.
    • Enemies: the spots. Each removal corresponds to an award.
    • Normal ink spot: slow and predictable, may be found with low levels;
    • Fish-shaped ink spot: sinuous movement, faster than the previous;
    • Octopus-shaped ink spot: moves its tentacles, bigger than its “mates”;
    • Star-shaped ink spot: tiny, fast and insidious;
    • Heart-shaped ink spot: rare and precious as its elimination supplies lives that are useful throughout the game.
    • Game levels: Each level corresponds to a new image, a boost in enemy spots as well as to available time reduction to unlock the image.

    Game Objectives
    Gain badges that measure your fidelity as well as your overall performance.
    • Unlock the first image.
    • Destroy at least 7 enemies in one level.
    • Complete a level with minimum 85 per cent.
    • Destroy 100 enemies.
    • Unlock the first 8 images.
    • Unlock all images.

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