Monkey Dash




    *** Game still in beta, still enjoyable! ***

    Monkey Dash : developed for the GCA4 in 48 hours by 3 college students,

    You have 3 ways to stay alive: 1. Get bananas. The bigger the banana, the further you'll go. 2. Get in barrels. When you enter a barrel a sequence of numbers will appear on screen. You have X seconds to click the numbers in order to get a bonus rocket jump and some extra points. If you miss any numbers or don't press them in the good order you'll be slowed down. 3. Use a rocket jump. At any point in the game you can click anywhere on the screen to use one of your rocket jumps. The number of remaining jumps available is displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen. Use them only when really needed.

    Devs :
    - Sam Des Rochers
    - Pierre-Olivier Roy
    - Christophe Naud-Dulude

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