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    Published: 2013-04-05, by Manu Galvez.

    Monster Galaxy Exile is a fighting game with RPG touches

    • Storyline
    • Lots of creatures
    • Quests and missions
    • Graphics
    • Controls should be enhanced
    • Game's too simple

    "My job? Professional tamer"

    It's difficult to find a creatures-taming game and don't think of Pokemon. Actually, there's any harm on it. Yes, Monster Galaxy Exile takes Pokemon premise and makes a game with different both scenery and storyline.

    You have to select one of the two tamers (boy and girl) and give them a name. You've to select also your first creature and name it too. After that, you will start and adventure that will guide you through battles, creatures capturing and dozens of quests. Unveils the mysteries of a magic world, capture creatures and team them up or defeat them when you cannot tame them.

    The game is set in cute 3D cartoony graphics. There's a storyline backing it, with lots of characters and dialogues with them. Controls are simple but put reflexes to the test. Good for everyone, but specially for kids.

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    Apr 05, 2013


    Battle & tame hundreds of insane creatures in Monster Galaxy: Exile, the sequel to the most popular monster-battling game!

    As the world's greatest monster tamer, you toppled the evil King Otho and brought peace to the land. But Otho still has one more trick up his sleeve... he's exiled you to his bizarre prison dimension!

    Now, you're lost in a strange land without your trusty Moga team. Can you survive?

    * Battle through 14 insane worlds!
    * Tame more than 125 unique monsters!
    * Gawk at incredible hi-res hand-painted graphics!
    * Meet odd characters, including clown rappers, legendary haters & hot tub swingers!
    * Scratch your head at the weirdest plot you've ever seen!

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    In-App Purchases. Monster Galaxy is free to download and play, but contains optional in-app purchases that cost real money.

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