Monster Slayer HD




    Monster Slayer is a free RPG action game in HD!

    Armed only with a pistol you wake up in a hostile forest full of bloodthirsty monsters. Fight your way free and search for allies which help you in your dangerous adventures. Rescue the helpless princess! Her coach is attacked by rabid wolves! Escort the frightened girl to her castle. Only there is clear how great the threat of monster attacks really is. You'll need all the help you can get.

    Kertock the Orc will help you as a blacksmith and as a helpful mercenary. Think exactly about what weapons Kertock forge for you. Your life may depend on it. In your camp you can relax after a hard fight in the tent and draw new vitality. Alternatively you can drink a healing potion. You find a wide variety of potions in your treasure chest. A variety of different mercenaries waiting to be hired out, and can be more than helpful in your journey. The dwarf in the camp is happy to help in the fight and exchanged acquired bounty marks for pure gold. Furthermore, you have a large selection of upgrades in the shop available that can make life easier in this extremely hostile world.

    Dive into the world of Monster Slayer! This free game in HD will inspire you from the first second!

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