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    MudSlinger is the cool new game from IdealSlack that gives you the chance to extract some un-partisan
    (or partisan if you wish) revenge on your favorite politicians. They flood our airwaves with caustic ads, pass laws they are exempt from, and instead of representing us – generally follow the mantra of the party they are affiliated with.

    Sign on as a Independent, Democrat, or Republican. As the political candidates and politicians wander about the screen hit those in the opposing party with mud balls (if you are independent, hit them all!) As they reach the bottom of the screen and exit, the polls will change: 1 point for each politician and 3 points for the Spirit of Reagan or the Spirit of FDR.

    MudSlinger offers many features not included in MudSlinger Free. These include: ten more of your favorite politicians, four more back drops and, what is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite, the Dance Contest. In addition to these cool features, when you select a state (under preferences) MudSlinger also posts your score as a vote in the IdealSlack Mudslinger election poll (visit to see the results of the poll). Have fun changing your state preferences and vote in several states – come on, you know you want to!

    Politician List:
    Michele Bachmann - R
    Joe Biden - D
    John Boehner - R
    George W. Bush - R
    Eric Cantor - R
    Jimmy Carter - D
    Dick Cheney - R
    Barney Frank - D
    Al Gore - D
    Hillary Rodham Clinton - D
    William Jefferson Clinton - D
    Newt Gingrich - R
    Barack Obama - D
    Sarah Palin - R
    Ron Paul - R
    Nancy Pelosi - D
    Harry Reid - D
    Mitt Romney - R
    Rick Santorum - R
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz – D

    Please note: We have observed that MudSlinger may run slowly on some older devices. If you have an older device please try MudSlinger Free berfore purchasing.

    If you experience any other issues with MudSlinger, or want to share any ideas about improving MudSlinger please contact us: