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    Published: 2013-11-15, by Peter Warrior.

    Active defense game

    • Cheerful design and gameplay
    • It may not satisfy the most hardcore gamers

    "Grijandeeeer jaaaarl!"

    Although Naked King was eventually surpassed by Naked King 2 regarding all areas but main usability (oops), it's still a remarkable title, especially if you're into this kind of games we should baptize as active-defense games.

    Gameplay starts quite easy to get more and more complicated, but never to an incomprehensible level. Likewise, game pace is acceptable, though often gets chaotic yet understandable at the same time. This game is suitable for those not used to games of this kind, and the funny design helps a lot.

    As aforementioned, technical performance is great, and the mix of strategy and action at the same time is highly enjoyable by casual gamers and strategists alike.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 15, 2013


    Top1 Simulation Game in US !


    "A great game for those who love castle defense and casual strategy games."- Dailyiphoneblog

    "Naked King provides iPhone gamers with just the right amount of tactics, ingenuity and fun to make this one a must-have." - Appbite

    "I’s unique storyline and intriguing gameplay makes a top quality game." - Appyzilla

    "It has a fresh appeal that the genre’s been lacking for a while." - iPhonelife

    "It does have all the right ingredients to boast some major potential." - Simonblog

    "A delightful castle defense strategy adventure." - Callingallgeeks


    ◆ Introduction
    - Naked King is a strategic castle raid and defense adventure that calls for resource management and tactical know-how.
    - 20 worker and combat units such as Knight, Sniper, Shielder, Miner and Wizard give you the building blocks for your winning strategy
    - Conquer 300 stages by defeating over 30 specialized monster varieties, plus 8 special boss stages

    ◆ How to play
    - Boost resources by creating worker units for food production.
    - Start building an army once your resources are sufficient
    - Destroy your enemy’s castle while protecting your own fortress
    - Win battles to get coins and new units to strengthen your fighting force
    - Collect experience points to upgrade your units
    - Recover the King’s crown by challenging and defeating the 7 boss monsters.

    ◆ Tips
    - Keep your strategy strong by producing effective units for close combat, distance combat, and defense
    - Keep in mind the cost-effectiveness of your units?for example, Heroes have powerful attacks, but are expensive to produce
    - Use items to strengthen units during production
    - Don’t forget to upgrade your castle?it’ll improve your production rates and defense stats
    - Choose the difficulty level right for you, and master all three 3 modes of the game (War, Survival, and Dungeon) to get the most from your gaming experience!

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