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    Published: 2013-08-01, by Peter Warrior.

    A pre-8bit game

    • Doesn't ask for permissions
    • Free and fun
    • It can be improved in all areas

    "The core of gaming"

    Novum is a simple, very simple, game in where your goal isn't other than avoiding oncoming asteroids and reach the farther the better. You drive your ship by dragging on screen and hoping to some power ups on your way.

    Graphics are from the pre-8bit era, animations as such don't exist and overall, it's an amateur game made with enough care as to be fun as long as you disregard all the technical questions nobody should care about. In the end, we all know that our beloved $500 devices were born to play games weighing a little more than 6 Mb (hey, that's more than four 3" ½ diskettes!)

    Anyway, it doesn't ask for any permissions, there aren't in-app purchases and it's just fun for fun's sake. Just a developer who made a game and wanted to share it with the world, and just for that he deserves all our support.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 01, 2013


    NOVUM is an Epic Space-Flying Game for Android! The object of the game is to fly the ship as far as possible while navigating through an oncoming assault of asteroids! Collect coins on your trek to purchase upgrades to further your future flights, increasing your top score; color-coded powerups provide different types of asteroid defense! With motion-mirror controls, this game is easy to get the hang of--simply drag your finger across the screen to move the ship from side to side! Novum is suitable for all ages! Challenge your friends in NOVUM and see who can rack up the best score!!

    Music Credits to Royal Teague!

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