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    Published: 2013-01-29, by Peter Warrior.

    A tower defense game based on the film by the same name

    • Clean, nice user interface
    • Fun texts and cutscenes
    • It can be too repetitive too fast
    • It'd be great to have more characters and stuff

    "Why do men act like boys? Because they can"

    If you missed Old School back in 2003, it was about a family man who caught his wife on bed with several people (that scene was hilarious) and decided to gather his former college friends, raise a fraternity and enjoy college life without any responsibilities (namely, study).

    Game's focused on dean's wild attempts to crash your parties. Place your fraternity mates on strategic positions to fend off enemies from stealing your precious keg of beer. Anyway, if you lose all the beer the party (therefore the game) will be over. In short, it's a classical tower defense game in which instead of magical or artillery towers we have on our side kind pledges (initiates, to those who aren't used to US College slang) with comical weapons as ping pong guns and . Party crashers will be made up by luv and piss hippies, nerds wearing coke-bottle glasses and other outdated cliches typical of any teen movie. A feature that couldn't fail to be is screen wiping magic: there'll be streakers and snatchers at your disposal. You can also place recycle bins to earn some additional cents. Game's quite a joker but not uncouth, though we'd like there were far more animations, stages and characters.

    Later in the game, stages become open fields where you can change crashers' path course by placing your chips here or there in order to make their way longer. Although there are only thirty about stages, there's a non-ending survival mode for your convenience. If we should point out some flaw, they'd be that there actually few chicks invited to the party and it'd be easy to make a level editor o additional game modes.

    In short, a good fun defense game, far from over-used topics as dragons and World Wars, perfectly suited for newcomers to the genre or accomplished tower defense gamers who are looking for something different but alike.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 29, 2013


    Old School Defense is a tower defense game based on the famous Paramount movie.
    The Dean is up to his old tricks, this time attempting to ruin Lambda Epsilon Omega's party. He has recruited various Party Crashers that the Pledges must defend against. In this strategic tower defense game, place pledges to ward off the crashers and protect your party in 2 different modes, over 30+ different maps!

    Old School Defense features:

    • Pledges with names you will remember from the Old School movie

    • Exciting upgrades for each pledge!

    • Go streaking!

    • Levels named by backrs!

    • Survival and campaign modes!

    • 30+ challenging maps with different levels of party crasher waves!

    Strategically place Darcie, Beanie, Mitch, Jerry, Weensie, Blue, Spanish and Peppers to protect what's yours. Each pledge has unique strengths and abilities, with 4 levels of upgrades!
    Old School Defense was made possible by AppBackr.

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