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    Published: 2014-03-11, by Manu Galvez.

    Help Tommy carry out his vengeance and return to his daughter

    • Well-crafted cartoony graphics
    • Storyline
    • Upgrade weaponry
    • Not really difficult
    • Lite version is too short

    "Thirst of revenge"

    Tommy Rissken, betrayed by his gang friends had to serve a prison sentence for 8 years. Now he's back on the streets, thirsty of revenge. Help him chase after his old 'friends' and their lackeys, mission after mission.

    Crescent Moon Games' Optical Inquisitor 17is an adventure game featuring sniper mechanics and an excellent storyline.

    Pay for information, upgrade your weapons and kill targets. Sometimes you'll have to make it look like an accident and sometimes you'll do it broad daylight with the least tact. Just follow the mission briefing and everything will go smooth as silk.

    Step by step you will finding the way to reach your final targets and gain the love of your daughter.

    Optical Inquisitor 17 is set in simple yet well-crafted cartoony graphics. If you are expecting another stick man like title, this is going to surprise you due to its cut scenes, effects and animations.

    The game isn't really difficult though. Despite the difficulty increases gradually, most of the game is quite easy to beat. It keeps you glued to the screen anyway due to the storyline. However, a more steep difficulty curve would enhance its playability. In addition, lite version is too short. After a few missions you have to upgrade to the Pro version if you want to keep playing.

    Regardless, a well-designed and addictive game.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 11, 2014


    Its the year 1988. Acid wash jeans are in.
    Our hero, Tommy Rissken has been betrayed by his friends and had to serve a prison sentence for 8 years.

    Now he's back with a vengeance. With your help, he'll get his revenge on his 'friends' and be able to return to his daughter.

    Top 10 Strategy Game in over 10 countries!


    - Superior Sniper mechanics
    - Great ragdoll physics, destructible bodies
    - Racing and Underground Gamblers Club
    - Great cartoon animations
    - Amazing 80s style new retro wave soundtrack from Perturbator, RTRY, Vector Hold, Protector-101, Palm Highway Chase, Tommy, Betamaxx, Flash Аrnold, Silenx, M-Town Vice, Vincenzo Salvia, Hot Hot Hawk, Brutal Pony Riders, Bestrack, The Аstral Stereo Project, Bourgeoisie, Mr Pteez, Quasars, DrPECCO
    - Build your own weapons
    - Great interactive elements in levels
    - Old 80's style cell phones

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