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    Orc Invasion Tower Defense Pro

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    Your armies - defeated, your cities - destroyed and the orc invaders are now coming for you! Two years after the orcs invaded your empire the only standing building is your castle. And now his time is also over! It looks pretty bad for you. Good that you have the best engineers in the whole world. Your engineers with a little help from the aliens have built for you the ultimate secret defense weapon. One weapon to rule them all! The Big Bad Ballista! The big and scary crossbow with integrated laser pointer placed on top of the biggest defense tower in your castle. Use the crossbow to defend your castle and shoot the incoming orcs down! Kill them all! Show them who the ruler of this land is.

    The Orcs Invasion is the ultimate action tower defense game. Forget all other tower defense games! In this one you have a big crossbow is in your hands. You don't just place towers and hope they are enough and will do the job for you. You are taking control of the Big Bad Ballista and you shoot the incoming enemies by yourself. Defend your castle now and show no mercy to the orcs!

    Game features:
    - Action tower defense game
    - Easy to play - only one thumb / finger needed
    - Two different play modes
    - Quest mode - 12 levels (more coming soon)
    - Survival mode - unlimited hordes of orcs incoming with increasing difficulty
    - Physical engine (realistic collision detection)
    - Smooth graphics
    - Powered by libGDX
    - Move to SD card

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    V 3.0
    Finally the ballista upgrades are here. Some orcs are bringing gifts, just shoot them and collect the goodies!

    V 2.2
    - Four more levels (now 16)
    - First chapter is now complete!

    V 2.0.1
    - The enemies not spawning bug fixed

    V 2.0
    - New enemy units - the Ogres
    - Two more levels

    V 1.2
    - Move to SD card
    - level difficulty updated

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