Pacific Hellcat

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    It is WW2 in the Pacific and you are in control of an F6F Hellcat! Take to the skies and dogfight Japanese zeros or drop bombs from above on ships and island facilities in this challenging arcade action game. Scream as you dive into ship or ground based AA and flak bursts in hopes of scoring bomb hits. Fight battles through multiple levels on air, land and sea!


    • Exciting action as the battles unfold in the skies!
    • High replayability using random elements
    • Three levels of difficulty
    • Great graphics and sound effects bring the environment of war to life!
    • 21 levels of challenging arcade action!
    • Several ship models to bomb and watch burn including Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and even Aircraft Carriers!
    • Bombs land targets on islands such as fortresses, fuel storage tanks, bunkers, and armored units
    • Ship and ground based AA will fill the skies with flak and light it up with tracers, all trying to shoot YOU down!
    • Intense air to air battles with enemy planes such as fighters or torpedo bombers

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