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    Published: 2015-03-30, by .

    A feeble paintball game for your mobile device.

    • Unique concept
    • Social element
    • Bleeding colors
    • It might crash

    "It's Paintball Without The Paint"


    While Paintball tries to emulate the real-world experience of playing paintball, it unfortunately falls short. With graphics that are merely okay and quite a few glitches, this game does not provide the level of engagement that will warrant you wanting to pick it up over and over again.


    It's an interesting concept. The idea of using your phone to simulate paintball is mildly interesting. There's a decent level of variety here. You can also play with others, which adds a mild level of engagement.


    There's a problem with the colors not being very refined. The game also crashed once and had to be rebooted to return it to full functionality. Load times were bit long and there was a sluggishness to the gameplay at times.

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    by William

    Mar 30, 2015


    Experience the heart-pumping action of a game of paintball on your Android phone in thrilling Augmented Reality. Choose from a variety of paintball guns, from your standard marker to industrial-grade paintball grenade launchers to cause maximum damage to your friends. Beware of damage from your friends - your screen flashes when you're hit. Earn currency for winning missions with your friends so you can upgrade to EPIC paintball guns and DOMINATE. Can you get the EXOTIC paintball mini-gun?

    Like a physical game of paintball, paintball for your Android phone is meant to be played with your friends. Of course you can play with yourself but imagine
 playing Paintball alone - not quite the same, right? So grab some friends, get them to download Paintball and go have fun!

    "Does it really work? If the concept sounds too futuristic, don’t worry – it works flawlessly." -
    "[...] finally makes augmented reality awesome" - Engadget
    "Part first person shooter, part urban warfare" - NBC Los Angeles
    "Great idea though for geeks who are afraid of airsoft bbs" - Android user

    Here's the run down:
    -The game can be played anywhere but is best played in well lit areas
    -The game uses the Android camera with a scope overlay
    -Select a time-limit for a quick match or the unlimited option for an
    extended battle
    -Specify your opponent's shirt color so that your enemy can be detected
    -Both hits and misses are counted so accuracy is important
    -Multiplayer mode requires a WiFi connection to connect participants
    -When you get hit by your opponent your phone will vibrate
    -When you need to reload your weapon, shake your phone
    -At the end of the game, the scores are tallied in a mission summary
    -Screenshots captured during gameplay allow you to review your best
    shots (and catch cheaters)
    -You can save your favorite shots to your photo album or send them to
    your Twitter followers at the end of the match

    The game is played in two modes:
One on One: Anyone is fair game. Specify your enemy’s shirt color and
go wild. Our enemy recognition technology will take care of the body
count; you take care of the shooting.
Multiplayer: A free-for-all WiFi bloodbath. It's you versus the world.
Take out rogue agents in the local area and show them no
    mercy. The
score matters, so watch your back.

    More updates are on the way so check-in regularly. We also love reading feedback so send your ideas to

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