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    Panic in Zombie Town

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    Another zombie survival game... but with a twist! Can you survive both the zombie hordes AND a bombing attack by the military?

    Panic in Zombie Town is an action arcade game with old-school 8-bit-style graphics. You play as a young lady who is the only survivor trapped in a city overrun by zombies. As if that wasn't bad enough, military aircraft are on their way to annihilate the entire city!

    Each stage is divided into two phases, which play like two different games. In the first phase, you must fend off zombies armed with only a knife, collecting any cannon shells they drop along the way. In the second phase, you must use the ammo collected from the zombies to shoot down bombs and aircraft with an anti-aircraft turret to prevent the city from being leveled.

    You'll encounter different types of enemies besides standard zombies, set oil barrels on fire to lay traps for enemies, wipe out multiple zombies at once with a powerful charged super-slash, and defend a city against the military single-handedly!

    NOTE: To pause/unpause the game, press the menu button on your device.

    If you encounter any bugs, please email me to let me know: ryoshenron (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. Thank you.

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