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Piggy Bank

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    Piggy Bank

    by: GAME LATTE 6 2.8

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    ★ Paid version benefits ★
    Cumbersome ad 250000 Coin can be removed so that additional payments will

    ★ Game Introduction ★
    Cute piggy bank Piggy leaving an exciting adventure to collect coins!

    Mousy Baby greedy kid, the owner of a small piggy bank Piggy because you will lose all your coins. Piggy house big courage to gaze again to reclaim the lost coins. Way through the woods cave did not think through the coins appeared in various places, and overcoming all the obstacles, Piggy the bad coin must find!

    How to operate ★ ★
    , PiggyBank the button is used to jump and dive!
    Piggy jump jump button. Two jumps Are you double-clicking the distant place may go to damage the two jump!

    Dive button Piggy hard and fast down the go!
    Piggy is on a hill, jump or can only be used when
    Bad obstacles Piggy afflicts Defeat by Dive!
    Coming down from the hills when you want to come down quickly dive!

    More fun ways to enjoy ★ ★ PiggyBank
    ★ super mode ★
    Super gauge or dive into the landing obstacles defeated are filled quickly!
    Super super mandeuni Piggy very strong and fast mode mode to good use!

    Various upgrade ★ ★
    Coins, you can create a stronger Piggy!
    Go into a store, and enjoy the ability to upgrade!
    Various upgrades, such as shield, magnets, power dive, Coin Master is waiting for you!

    Stage ★ ★ hardcore
    Clear the stage all us?
    Waiting five hard-core stage for each theme, so do not despair!
    Hard core stage will require sophisticated manipulation and game sense!
    Piggy die may make the mistake of a moment have to be careful.
    If you dare challenge!

    ★ GAME LATTE ★
    Facebook: / GL.Piggybank

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