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    Published: 2013-10-17, by .

    Play a different Pong and enjoy the challenge

    • Really fun
    • Well-thought, good idea
    • Exellent controls and design

    "Infinite Bounce"

    Ping - 8bit Puzzle Pong Game is an application that is based on the popular Pong game.

    Touch the screen to adjust the ball's angle and reach the orange in order to achieve the objective. The goal is to finish the level in the fewest possible bounces, which is rather challenging even at first.

    The app includes 72 levels and grow in difficulty. The idea is quite original and the game is thrilling and frustrating, as you might need to try it a few times before you get it right. Advance through the levels to unlock the different worlds.

    NAMI TENTOU MUSHI is the developer of Ping - 8bit Puzzle Pong Game, a truly entertaining and well-thought game for those who are tired of the traditional Pong game and want to try something different.

    Excellent retro design.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Oct 17, 2013


    Oh no not another Ping Pong clone! Wait, it's not! It's actually something new and original!

    -Includes 72 levels! (Unlock them all by beating a world at a time)

    ★ A great positive review from Android-Apps:
    ★ A 7/10 score from Ownage 64:
    ★ Featured in App Weekender:

    Inspired by the arcade Atari classic, Pong, comes a new puzzle game called Ping! Aim your way through 72 fantastic levels while jamming out to an all original soundtrack created by Link the Fire. You will come across breaking blocks, moving blocks, and even some pain-in-the-butt invisible blocks! So prepare to be frustrated like the good ol' days where you would get stuck on a level and toss your game console out the window. Take a bath with all of this 8-bit goodness and float away on your pixelated dreams.

    To win the levels, all you have to do is simply bounce the ball equal to or less the goal! Or you could just simply shoot the ball on a level and listen/watch your bounce count go up into the thousands quickly while listening to those pings and pongs emanating from your phone. After you clear all 8 levels in a world, the next world will magically appear as a button to your right.

    If you would like to support Ping or just would rather not have ads on your game, there is an ad free version of Ping on Google Play! Just check under my developer name and you'll find "Ping - Ad Free Version". That way you can skip the ads and support the developer!

    Each update that I do, I try to add 8 new levels to keep you entertained and make the updates to Ping much more fun too. Occasionally, new blocks are added to Ping too.

    This game was even designed to look great on both smartphones AND tablets. No need for an HD version! Although, 8-bit Pong in HD wouldn't have made any difference whatsoever.

    To keep up to date on Ping and other games in development, here are some links!

    Youtube Developer:

    If you're really enjoying Ping and want to tweet about it on twitter, the hashtag for it on there is just #Ping.

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