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    Published: 2014-03-07, by .

    Addictive, endless, minimalist jumping platformer

    • Extremely difficult
    • Extremely addictive
    • No birds in sight
    • Two modes to play
    • Lures you into a compulsive behavioral feedback loop - but I bet you'll like that
    • Squares, squares everywhere

    "Eat my minimalist shorts, Flabby Bird"

    Somewhere deep in the bowels of Vietnam, Flappy Bird lies awake at night wishing it were slicker, sleeker. If only it could shed its flappiness, its birdocity, and morph into something more legit and just as addictive. Birdbrain, meet XperimentalZ Games Inc.'s Platforms, an incredibly difficult minimalist platformer that inspires just the same instantaneous compulsive behavior loop, plucked of all the feathers.

    Control the leaps and bounds of an ever-progressing blue square. Don't fall off the black platforms (also squares), don't touch the red enemies (squares, also), and feel free to collect the yellow coins (these are represented by squares). Your score goes up for every second you stay alive, which won't be too long your first few (several) (hundred) run-throughs - the game is deliriously difficult, requiring extreme precision and razor-sharp reactions. In the repeated failure, you'll find masochistic addiction on the level of some schedule 2 drugs, also known as "gaming zen."

    I'm actually serious; devs revving up the difficulty in m-gaming seem to be tapping into some kind of psychological mechanism that compels us to play, slack-jawed, again and again. It appeals to our sense of risk and reward in a way that more complex games don't; it's a new strategy for success (one that's led to 50 bajillion Flappy-Whatevers in the app stores).

    Play Platforms in either Endless or Dailies mode. In the former you'll face a randomized amalgamation of friendly and evil bricks (what are we kidding, they're all evil); the latter offers 3 new "fixed" levels to beat each day.

    Go on, give XperimentalZ Games Inc.'s Platforms a whirl. It'll quickly evolve into many, many squaredeaths. It's a casual, supremely difficult game for those who crave the compulsion of Crappy Turd combined with the indie cred of Pretentious Game. It's a fun timekiller, and maybe I'm reading too much into the human condition based on a few pixels. I'm done here.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 07, 2014


    Platforms Limited is a procedural, minimalistic, zen, madly hard one-button platformer! Uninventing the genre to extirpate its core. An arcade game like in the old times when simplicity, fun and challenge ruled.

    This game features a campaign of 12 levels to be completed in succession. For the endless version, check Platforms Unlimited!

    --- Comments by the Press----

    - Announced on Android Police, Android and Me, DroidGamers and AndroidShock
    - SuperGameDroid "it’s addictive yet challenging gameplay make Platforms Unlimited a must play"
    - Cult of Mac, 4/5 “What [Platforms Unlimited] is … is addictive.”
    - Touch Arcade, 4/5 “An endless supply of constantly evolving environments, coupled with finely tuned jumping, will keep you coming back for a long time”
    -, “This challenging arcade platformer pulled us into its spell ...”
    - Covered at the 148Apps Live Show
    - 148Apps 4.5/5 “Platforms Unlimited takes the formula of The Impossible Game and similar titles: geometric shapes thrust into platforming environments filled with adversity. This game’s twist? Procedurally-generated levels. This immense variety serves as the core of an incredibly well-made game.”
    - Pocket Gamer 4/5 “Deft controls and smart random level generation lead to one of the freshest endless-runners in some time”
    - AppsZoom 3.5/5 “Eat my minimalist shorts, Flappy Bird”

    The Rules:
    - Minimalistic: Touch the screen to jump, touch longer to jump farther.
    - Avoid red enemies.
    - Collect all yellow coins in a level to obtain the gold trophy.
    - Collect power-ups for gameplay bonuses.

    The Challenge:
    - The difficulty lies in the required jumping precision and the analysis of procedural levels to find a way through.
    - The sound effects on landing, which are characterized by the level, help with timing.
    This results in a game far from being impossible but very challenging. Once the learning curve passed, sky is the limit! One of the things which make it interesting is the variations of the levels, unlike games like Flappy Birds!

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