After a journey to the centre of the Earth, Bobby RedBall has fallen deep into the waters of the planet.

    Join Bobby in his underwater adventure, desperately trying to tap his way out of the cave!

    Be ready to face sea creatures through out your journey, avoid getting stung by jellyfish, eaten by angler fish. And watch out for innocent looking creatures that roam the cave, you might not know what hits you from the back, or from the front - come to think of it!

    Collect coins along the way and break the crates for weapons, some are more useful than others when facing bigger creatures, if you know what i mean...

    In this fast paced and very addictive game, the music adds further entertainment to the game-play as it depicts the protagonist's situation.

    Bobby's life depends on how quick your fingers can tap!
    Your Scuba Diving Equipment is set - Are you ready to take the Plunge?

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