Police Family




    Welcome to the Police Family free action game riots and demonstrations of all kinds
    You must tap the screen to give orders protesters to take up dry
    Of corrupt politicians pulling the strings in the elite was chosen to go to war in small gang
    for obvious reasons the reelection of Barack Bob White ! for this reason many
    young is taken up arms and are mounted to the front to share their opinions in the debate with the slogan Stop!

    Most of Font Family :
    - Zone 3 simple worthy neighborhood street to the roof of the building through the houliganes angry!
    - You can choose your sides and take parts of the media hype version of Police Academy
    - A choice of color with realistic sound high quality graphics

    History of Police Family suite has a news flash to log 20 hours !
    Youth movement Spring Fleurie and police are summoned to the departmental headquarters
    for a top secret mission! Their aim stop the gang of bad boy who think they are hard
    claiming rights has larger packet of crisps ! the gang leader Tony is one of the leaders of the cartel
    controlling the sale of chips at home since long year already ! he has sworn enemy Commissioner
    on the other side of the device in the suburb of St Josef ! After an exchange on the spot to start tomato
    The riot is growing is gaining momentum in pushing adrenaline nonstop violence!

    Compatible tablet and a pleasure to replay a system of integrated global score
    Thank you yours support means a lot to us!
    Hoping you 'd Police Family to enable us to make a long crime series
    Ps: No Policeman was injured during filming to play!
    We want to remind all struggle is in vain Please compression yours !

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